The FlyyLytical Podcast

About Us

Trinita received her Masters of Business Administration from Keller Graduate 

School of Management and is currently serving as CEO of Free 2 Flyy Enterprises, 

LLC.  After being influenced by her colleagues in the US Air Force, she has since 

become a strong advocate for encouraging and motivating women to become 

their best selves.  She aspires to use her business to influence healthy self-esteem 

and confidence while assisting in the fostering of strong relationships among 



Jorae holds a B.S. in Communications from Bowie State University and is currently 

building her public persona as a media mogul and entrepreneur.  Prior to 

becoming co-host of the FlyyLytical she spent over a decade working in the areas 

of civil and human rights, creating programs and trainings designed to advocate 

for voting, women’s, and LGBTQIA+ rights and the liberation of black and brown 

people, which is still her focus and passion. 


About The Show

The FlyyLytical Podcast is the coming together of two 40-something black women 

who are both “Flyy” in the way they carry themselves and “analytical” about how 

they think about the world around them.  This podcast is all about empowering 

women and strives to not only entertain but give the listener something to think 

about and a new perspective of looking at world and how we fit in it. 



The FlyyLytical Podcast aspires to use our perspectives of current events and relatable topics to encourage women to their best selves. 

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