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Melanin 360

About The Show

The Melanin 360 Podcast covers topics through the lens of people of color navigating through today’s society.  This podcast discusses everything from mental health issues to the need to have multiple streams of income; family dynamics to 90’s hip hop culture and the importance of black homeownership to our relationship with the healthcare system in a smart, funny and thoughtful way.


About Me

Melanin 360 and the Melanin 360 Podcast  is the brainchild of Jorae Williams.  Prior to becoming host of The Melanin 360 Podcast and an entrepreneur, she spent over a decade working in the areas of civil and human rights, creating programs and trainings designed to advocate for voting, women’s, and LGBTQIA+ rights and the liberation of black and brown people.  The name “Melanin 360” was chosen to illustrate the intention to celebrate and uplift the entire black experience.

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