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TUL Published Books

Calculated With Love

This easy read is catered to men 18 and above, but is not intended to exclude women. It will keep you captive within the perspective of Author Frankie Ball. Frankie provides a number of his favorite writers and philosophers takes on young men cultivating healthy relationship between themselves and others. There’s also a riveting story of Jermaine and Michelle that will blow your mind. Welcome to Calculated With Love, His Journey to Self Awareness, Love, Mindfulness and Consideration, the grown and sexy way.

Dont Forget Your Father

Don’t Forget Your Father was birthed from my own pain with my Father. I realized that as I started the process of publishing this book. Once I had tough times communicating with my own children, I initially panicked. I am thankful that I thought of a way to try to fix the miscommunication via text messages. This seemed to be the best method, at the time, to communicate with my children. I then thought about how sending a message every day for a whole year, 365 days straight, could possibly help them with their day or could do something positive for them. Little did I realize that those same messages helped me and reminded me to reach out to my own Father.

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Forever Mine: The Westbrook Series

In the urban city of Washington DC, a smart young woman, Payson, set her mind to finish college and start her career in marketing. Fresh out of a four-year relationship, Payson didn't have time for a love life until a fun night at a local hot spot in the middle of DC. Her sister Natalie put her in the hot seat of a rich and powerful man named Derrick Westbrook, the CEO of DCC corporations. Derrick is controlling and stops at nothing to get what he wants. Payson realizes she can’t get away from this man, an enigmatic reserve, she finds herself getting closer and closer to him. Derrick wants her, however on his own terms and conditions. Thrilled by Derricks’ erotic and romantic tastes, Payson has her guard up. Dealing with problems from her ex-lover, Payson has more than enough issues to deal with in one day. Her past will come forth and torment her, and so will his as they try to move their relationship forward. From the success of his business, wealth, and power, Payson feels safe and Derrick has all the control. When the couple embrace during their passionately physical affair, Payson discovers Derrick’s past and exposes her own dark sexual desires.

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Black Mamas

Growing up on the streets of Baltimore Maryland the only thing on one’s mind is money, drugs, and power. After coming across one of the most powerful drug lord’s around, Amelia a.k.a Millie calls on her girls to become contract killers for him. Through many trails and tests will their bond of sisterhood remain strong or will they crumble under the pressure…

“Black Mamas” are the last people you want to cross, and without a doubt they will finish the job.

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